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How To Hack Whatsapp Account 2020 (New)

How to hack whatsapp

Hack WhatsApps Account via Answering Video Call
It may sound unusual whether a WhatsApp account can be hacked through a video call, but it is possible. It is a difficult task for beginners, but expert hackers can easily get access to the target’s device remotely. In this method, the hackers simply made a video call using WhatsApp. If the user responds the hacker easily gets control over the device.

Hacking WhatsApps Through Google Drive Backup
Yes, a WhatsApp account also can be hacked via Google drive backup. By transfer WhatsApp data on Google Drive backup, a hacker can easily read the target’s incoming and outgoing messages without getting into their device.

Google drive backup stores all the messages and multimedia files to the google drive account. You just need to follow some steps to use Google drive account to get access to the user’s WhatsApp data. For this process, the user device should sync with Google Drive account and the Google play services should also be installed on the device. Moreover, Google Drive account should have some free space to store the whole WhatsApp data and the device also requires some free space to carry out the backup.

Then by following the steps given below, you can easily get access to someone’s WhatsApp data via easy data transfer into the Google Drive backup.

Create a backup of entire WhatsApp data from the target’s device on the Google Drive account.
Add the Google Drive account to a new device that you want to use for carrying out a backup.
Then, install WhatsApp on a new device and verify the phone number with code, and then restore data from Google drive backup to your device.
When the restoration process will over, you will be able to see all the chats and messages on your screen.

  1. Hack Whatsapp With QR Code
    It is Very Simple Things To Do

Open Your Browser PC On And Type Whatsapp Web.
Go On This Link.
Now On Target Phone Open Whatsapp.
Open Menu Option >> and tap on Whatsapp Web.
The Phone Will Ask For Scan Qr Code , Scan QR Code on Your Browser Showing And Boom!.
You Can Watch All Whatsapp Message In Your PC.
Now You Can Ask How To Safe From This So Here Is The Solution

You Open Your Whatsapp and Menu Option >> Go to Whatsapp Web.
It Shows All Loging Details.
If any one log in with your device it showing you.
you press button Log Out From All devices That it’s.
You Can visit Whatsapp Web Atleast One’s In Day.