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Make Better YouTube Videos For Business With 7 Things

Have you ever procrastinated making your first youtube microphones to promote your business because you are clueless about where to start? Are you holding back from a promising marketing opportunity because you think your video will look bad?

If you are an owner of a small business, you definitely have heard of the power of online video marketing and you know that entrepreneurs around the world are rushing to make marketing videos for YouTube.

It is easy to pick up any video camcorder and start shooting your own videos. However after several tries, you may realize that your video is not professional enough to represent a respectable business like yours.

Did you know that you do not have to be a media graduate in order to shoot a professional looking video?

To make a better YouTube video, all you need are these 7 things.

  1. Camcorder

What is the best video Camcorder? This is the first commonly asked question when it comes to making video. The truth is there is no best video camcorder. If you can get hold of a TV station camera, which is top end quality, but not trained to use it, you will still get a bad video. The advice here is to go for the simplest, least complicated camcorder you can handle. Do not let extra buttons hinder you, but practice before you shoot.

  1. Tripod

The number one reason home videos never look professional is the shakiness. Observe movies and you may think that the cameraman was very steady with his camera. No! Humans are made of soft wobbly tissues. We need devices to help steady the camcorder. The most commonly used device to stabilize a camcorder is the tripod. If you have shot a video on tripod before, you can tell the drastic difference compared with going handheld.

  1. Light

Another tell tale sign that a video is not professional is the use of light. Unlike the tripod, there is no need to get yourself a set of studio lights. In every room there is a dark side and a bright side. The common mistake made is shooting on the dark side. If you understand the physics of light, you will know there is always shadow on the other side of the object which light is shining on. So stand and shoot from the bright side. Make full use of available light.

  1. Microphone

If you are recording someone speaking, you need an external microphone. The on-camera microphone is not capable enough to capture the voice of the person you are shooting, as it will pick up other surrounding sounds and echoes too. The best microphone for interviews are the clip-on type placed close to the speaker’s mouth. There is no escape from the purchase of the external microphone. Sound quality makes a whole lot of difference in a video.

  1. Software

The second most asked question is about choosing the right video editing software. Again, like the choosing a video camcorder, find one that is simple to use. Top notch video editing softwares come with hundreds of great features that will only slow you down and discourage you from making more videos. Just use the most basic video editing software that allows you to cut, trim, add text, add music and add a second layer of video.