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Personal Bible Study – Do You Have an Effective Approach?

Individual bible study near me is a reference to your individual strategy for cautiously looking at the Bible, as the Word of God. We can’t read the Bible coolly and hope to leave with incredible comprehension of God’s will for our lives and Christian development.

Coming up next are recommendations, in view of my own Bible study propensities:

1. Pre-study. Here are three things you need before you open your Bible:

– Find a spot where you can think for fifteen minutes to an hour or whatever measure of time you expect to use for your own Bible study. Attempting to sit in front of the TV and study simultaneously won’t work (grin).

– Have your study apparatuses, notepad, and pen.

– Pray for the Lord to enable you to comprehend what you are going to contemplate.

2. Real study. Utilize the three study questions and at any rate the four study instruments to assist you with making supportive notes for Christian living.

The three study questions are – what does the section say, I’m not catching it’s meaning, and I’m not catching it’s meaning to me? Answer the primary inquiry (i.e., perception), by rewording or placing into your own words what the entry says. You would do well to read the section a few times.

Addressing the subsequent inquiry (i.e., translation) may require the utilization of the study apparatuses. I utilize the New International Version of the Ryrie Study Bible, the Living Bible, a decent analysis, and a concordance.

The study Bible has commentaries, layouts, articles, and other accommodating study assets in it.

The Living Bible is an interpretation of the Bible that can be useful in observing the overall feeling of the entry. In any case, you would not utilize this for profound in exactly the same words assessment of the content.

A discourse is a book of remarks on the Bible. A concordance is a file of the Bible. You would look into a word sequentially in a concordance, and you will see where the entirety of the events of the word are found all through the Bible.

The most significant inquiry is the last one (i.e., application). Here is the place petition is generally significant. It doesn’t take a lot of profound acumen or association with God for the initial two inquiries. Notwithstanding, you need God’s assistance with the third inquiry.

It is essential to take some sort of notes, while examining the Bible. Make note of answers to the three inquiries and anything that appears to be imperative. Your notes will revive your memory, when you need to return to your comprehension of the given section later on.

At last, leave time to be still and ponder what you have read and what you are thinking. Supplicate and request that God assist you with understanding and live by His will for your life.

3. Post-study. After your end supplication and books are away, keep on thinking about how what you have considered applies to what exactly is going on in your life. The Bible isn’t just a book about “route in those days.” It is an amazing path for God to converse with us about the “present time and place.”

Synopsis, plan for your own Bible study with the inquiries, instruments, and notes. Make time to supplicate. Furthermore, continue pondering what God is stating to you about what is happening in your life.